Q: Do you permit dogs at the farm?

A: Yes, we are dog-friendly. But please be sure to keep your pets on a leash and clean up after them!

 How much are your trees?

A: Any size tree is $50. If it’s a tagged tree that was selected early in the season, there is an additional service charge of $10 to have it cut and ready for you to pick up.

 What should I put in the water for my tree?

A: Nothing! Just water, water, and more water. Keep it well watered for the best results.

 Do you shake your trees?

A: Yes, we shake all trees for free to knock off any dead or loose needles.

 Do you drill your trees?

A: Yes, we drill our trees for free to help them fit into the “stand-straight” Christmas tree stands.

 Do you sell Christmas tree stands?

A: Yes, we sell “stand-straight” tree stands at the farm.

 Do you bale (add netting over it) your trees?

A: Yes, we will bale your tree for free to keep it safe during its ride home.